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Many scientists have spent their entire lives

chipping away at 'The Great Mystery.'

Many have lost their lives.

The unpredictable nature of Baby Animals cannot be overstated.

Data on these magnificent creatures is hard to come by.

Seldom do we come across gems such as these.

The following recordings were meticulously captured by NASA scientists.

(yep, NASA.)

Their dedication and diligence will never be forgotten.

Click on the to hear the sound of your favorite baby animal!


   Baby Cat (Kitten) - The most common of all baby animals. (absolute fact!)

   Baby Penguin (Chick) - Penguins are awesome... baby penguins are more so.

   Baby Dog (Puppy) - Man's best friend... In baby form!

   Baby Sheep (Lamb) - Fascinating.

   Baby Pig (Piglet) - A wondrous creature from the farm.


   Baby Human (Infant) - Are we not animals?




Dear NASA Scientists, Thank you for your contribution to the cause.
Please submit your data to Jacob at: