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Throughout human history, mortals have attempted to describe the infinite nature of Baby Animals.

We can never hope to fully understand what I like to call
'The Great Mystery.'
A few enlightened souls have attempted to unravel the conundrum.
 Here are some of their efforts.

'I like Baby Animals'  Sung to "London Bridge"

Ancient Mongolian Folk Song (probably 4000 years old)

I like baby animals,
Animals, animals.
I like baby animals,
I'll name some for you.

Kittens, puppies, chicks and foals,
Chicks and foals, chicks and foals.
Kittens, puppies, chicks and foals,
I can name some more.

Goslings, ducklings, lambs and calves,
Lambs and calves, lambs and calves.
Goslings, ducklings, lambs and calves,
I like baby animals.


Baby Animal Names

by Stacy Mantle's 2-year old niece. (Liar..)

Baby cats are called kittens
Baby bears are called cubs
Baby dogs are called puppies
A pigeonís a squab!

A girl horse is a filly
A boy horse is a colt.
A possumís a joey.
A chickenís a poult!

A penguinís a fledgling
A reindeerís a fawn
A turtle is a chicken
It makes no sense at all!

An ant is an antling
A goat is a kid
A bird is a nestling,
A muskrat, a kit!

A kangarooís Joey
A louse is a nit.
A toad is a tadpole,
And a mink is a kit!

An eagleís an eaglet.
An eel is a fry.
A fly is a maggot.
And a fish is a fry!

And what have we learned
From all these words today?
That if youíre a boy
Then a boy youíll surely stay!


The Veal Calf

by Vantressa Brown (with help from cow... mostly the cow)

Here I am in this small wooden box,
Bound up with chains and locks.
What is my fate from here?
I hope I don't die.

Stuck here through the wind and cold,
Hearing the others, will they too be sold?
Wishing, hoping, praying,
I hope I don't die.

I was taken from my mother, too.
She had warm milk, a soothing moo.
I wonder if she knows I'm here,
I hope I don't die.

Sometimes the others are taken away.
"They're goin' to heaven," some elders say,
Is heaven good? Does it have freedom?
I hope I don't die.

But, for now, I'm here in this box.
Bound up in chains and locks,
Wishing, hoping, praying,
I hope I don't die.




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