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Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to report that the Baby Animals Community is reopening. New photos will be posted here soon. Take a look around, and don't forget about our blog. http://www.babyanimalz.com

Babyanimalz Guestbook

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HI people who made  babyanimalz.com possible! I would just like to say, thank-you for all the hard work you have done,and all the thought you put into this! You guys have snagged up some really good pictures of the cute, funny,wierd & sometimes scary pictures of baby animals! PEACE OUT!

                                                Sincerely yours,
                                                           Kathleen W.


its awesome

hello you got a message and answer it now. oh and by the way if you want me get over it im taken totally!!

I want a puppy all I hve are two fish,five salamanders and six frogs.

Hi my name is alina I am new here. I like calling myself Animal alina because I love animals.

I absolutly love this site it makes my heart sing a happy song and it's amazing what animals can do!! lol

i want a friend!!!<3

I just love this site. I love Cats and Dogs, And seeing these makes my heart sing. Great Site.

Hey this is a really great website for about anything

there so cute

hey those photos are sweet

I love all of these photos! There so cute=)

  hay yall I hope yall like this

awwww,these are so adorable.

 babyanimalz rocks

i love this website i mean who does not just love to look at babyanimalz come on if you just adore this site say I! What I say oh thats easy! I! I am nine years old and i just adore your site! thanx ryan!

hey my name is katie engolia and i love animalz. i have 11 fish and 2 dogs but all but 2 fish died a long time ago. i was very upset when my dad picked me up from school and said Buster,mydog, had died. he had ate leaves rom my next door neighbors house.

veganhippie45 loves babyanimalz.com!!!!!

da games are sik innit

Comment by ryansaw
Yes, I like the penguin game the best :o)

all these animals are way cute! i really love squirrels:)

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