Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to report that the Baby Animals Community is reopening. New photos will be posted here soon. Take a look around, and don't forget about our blog.


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Babyanimialz Day 2

Today, I've added a new Facebook connect option. If you have a facebook account, you can import your profile picture and settings to from facebook. Just click the fBook connect image link on the left. (You must be logged out of babyanimalz to see it.)

Once you link your facebook account to babyanimalz, you will be able to invite your facebook friends (please only invite the friends you think would enjoy this site)

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Day 1

Today is the fiirst day working on the New Babyanimalz Protal. It is going well so far.

I will be adding new photos, games and other items as soon as I can.

Please feel free to register and post your own images.

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