Have you experienced overwhelming cuteness in your own life?
Do you feel the need to share that cuteness with the the human race?

If you have a picture you would like to see on this site

please make sure it meets the following criteria:


1 - The picture is cute beyond reason.

2 - The picture is of an Animal.
3 - The picture is of decent resolution (quality).
4 - The picture is not already featured on
5 - The picture is not explicitly protected by copyright (or get permission).
Other things to keep in mind:
          -Cellular phones should not be used to take photographs... ever.

-Your puppy and/or kitten is not as cute as you think it is.

-I am happy to display puppies and/or kittens (1 per week) but prefer unique animals!

-By submitting your personal pictures to me you are giving me permission to use (not sell) them.

If you meet the above criteria please send your pictures to:
[email protected]