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Do you love baby animals so much your face hurts?
Do you long to share this feeling
with random people staring at the bumper of your car?
Look no further my enlightened friend.
This is your opportunity to grab a piece of
Baby Animal memorabilia for your mother,
cousin, godfather, great-aunt and yourself!
Give them as gifts, stick them on animals, splatter them everywhere!
Do what you will with them but do it fast!
Supplies are limited and demand is obviously very high.



'Democrap Loosers' only.

Short and Sweet.

Flaming Ideologue?

Deal with it.

Can't Argue.

Do you want one of these bumper stickers? (of course you do.)
Do you need to know how to get one? (obviously.)
Will your life be fuller after having received one of these incredibly witty stickers? (naturally.) would never attempt to profit in lieu of
the cuteness of Baby Animals!
We do however encourage you to print them and slap them everywhere!


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