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For so long as there have been beautiful things

there have been haters thereof.

These "Hater's" thoughts are hopelessly laden with covetous thoughts.

They will never experience the sheer ecstasy of having 'known' a Baby Animal.

They will never understand "The Great Mystery".

They will never find true happiness because they are forever wrought in the shadow of greed.

But I digress...

Since this site's conception we have received much well-warranted praise...

"... this site has changed my life.."

"... you are an amazing person..."

" are you so incredibly good looking?..."

"...father my children..."

I could go on...

I wish everyone in the world understood the importance of our mission...

...I unfortunately cannot make that claim.

Due to the actions of a few tiresome individuals...

...every so often is forced to defend herself...

...and defend herself she does.

A (The) Story

Once Upon A Time...

A Reply

Formal Response to Baby Animal Haters Everywhere


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